7-Core Values

At the center of Loco Bloco Programs are the following 7-Core Values….




Art is a potent tool to fight injustice. The passion, experience and creativity of young people is a necessary component to inspire action that will address change locally and globally.





Individuals and communities have a right to pursue and have access to physical and mental health. Artistic exploration and expression is a path to healing and provides a means to counter suffering.





All young people should be able to freely explore the arts and experience themselves as artists. They should be able to explore their essence as they challenge assumptions around gender, sexuality, race, class, language, geographical background and education.





Perseverance, rigor, high expectation and continuous growth strengthen young peoples’ successful transition to adulthood. We strive for excellence in our teaching, choreography and performances.



Youth Leadership


Youth bring a valuable experience to inform community building and change. This experience includes serving and being served while increasing self-awareness, mastery of skills and critical thinking.





Family provides the first environment for a young person’s growth and development. A young person’s positive transition to adulthood is increased when community, school and families live, work and play together.





Education is the right of all humans. It is most powerful when it draws out and validates what people already know and do, connects their personal experience to larger social realities and then supports them to work collectively to change their reality and the effects of inequities locally and globally.