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Loco Bloco’s theater workshops for teens and young adults offer students the skills to develop their own dramatic sketches through a variety of writing and improvisational exercises. Scripts developed in our theater workshops are rehearsed and infused with original music, dance and video to create full-length theater productions, which continue our commitment to social justice by addressing issues of gentrification, immigration, sexual identity racism, sexism, physical and mental health, global politics and community. These productions showcase the talents and creativity of young people of color and provide them with a platform to express their ideas, emotions and experiences with important social issues. Past productions include:

  • On The Hill: I Am Alex Nieto Written by Paul S. Flores and Loco Bloco Ensemble (2016)
  • Sonido Del Barrio (2015)
  • From the Bay to Bahia: A Report Back From a Hella Loco Journey to Brazil (2013)
  • Night Wakes Dawn (2012)
  • Schoolhouse Musical: A Tale From The School Of Hard Knocks And Loud Beats (2007)
  • Livin’ Loco (2006)
  • Illusion (2005)
  • Burn American Dreams (2001, 2002)
  • Annual International Women’s Day Events (1997 – 2011)
  • Speak Their Names (1997)

Watch Videos From Loco Bloco’s Theater Productions




Each year on November 2 Loco Bloco takes to the streets of the Mission to remember, honor and celebrate those who have passed.  Loco Bloco’s drummers, dancers and stiltwalkers provide a vital rhythm and energy to this annual event and help our community to heal from their losses and rejoice in life and love.


Loco Bloco’s annual Carnaval activities are produced in collaboration with community partners who have included Mission Girls, Columbia Park Boys & Girls Club, Windsor Bloco, Leonard R. Flynn Elementary, Bayview Beacon and Mission Beacon Center. Our contingent brings together over 300 community members of all ages to present spectacular new music and dance compositions and stunning visuals at the San Francisco Carnaval parade and festival. Our contingents fill the air with color and energy and include percussionists, live music, vocalists, dancers, stilters, giant puppets and lavish floats Loco Bloco current holds two 1st place, three 2nd place and two 3rd place Grand Prize titles.

Watch Videos From Loco Bloco’s Carnaval

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