Performance Ensemble


Under the Direction of Vanessa Sanchez & Pedro Gomez, Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble is an intermediate-to-advanced performance program for high-school & transitional aged youth. The Performance Ensemble creates, rehearses and presents Afro-Latino music & dance as a tool to promote youth voice and community-building. Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble is invited to perform at festivals and community events throughout the Bay Area.

Cy T.

My name is Cy. I am currently a senior at Lick-Wilmerding High School, and I have been drumming with Loco Bloco since freshman year. I participated in the last three Carnavals, and have drummed in numerous other performances with LB, including playing drum kit in our production of On the Hill: I am Alex Nieto. Outside of Loco Bloco I play drum kit for the Jazz Combo at my school, and am in the mentorship program for the SFJazz High School All Stars. I also play baseball at my school.
Assata C.

Hi my name is Assata, I currently go to Ruth Asawa School Of The Arts for Theater Tech and Costume Design. I really enjoy dance, it is a way for me to express myself and have fun with people I enjoy. I also like learning how to become a better drummer day by day.
Antonio A.

Antonio is a Freshman at Summit Shasta High School. He enjoys playing basketball, running for cross country, and making music. He has been drumming since he joined Loco Bloco for a year in 2014. Antonio also participated in his school drumline for two years in middle school. He also produces beats in his free time, and he wants to become a professional music producer someday.
Jeanine “Nini”

My name is Jeanine but y’all can call me Nini. I go to Mission High School, I’m in the 10th grade. In Ensemble I dance and drum. I’m in Loco Bloco because it’s a fun way to express the artistic side of myself and I like showing everyone around me that I’m proud of my roots and that I have love for my community.
Daniela O.

Daniela is currently a 9th grader at Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts. She is part of the World Dance program. Daniela is a part of the Loco Bloco Ensemble as a dancer. She enjoys the community and everything Loco Bloco stands for.
photo coming soonBeet G.

My name is Beet and I go to SOTA for World Dance. I’ve been stilting and dancing with Loco Bloco for 5 years and I’ve been in ensemble for 2 years. I’m in ensemble to perform, improve and also because over the years we have become a family.
photo coming soonMireya

Mireya, A.K.A. ‘Deya is a 15-year old singer, rapper, and songwriter, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. She uses her music as a way to express the experiences in her life and spread messages of hope and inspiration. In 2017, ‘Deya featured on the song and music video “Generations” with singer/ artivist Calina Lawrence. ‘Deya has been a featured performer for several community-based events such as the Xicana Moratorium, Courage Awards 5-Year Gala, Reclaiming Cinco de Mayo, the California Alliance for Youth and Community Justice Convening, Galería de la Raza- Lunada, and more. She thrives to help build a better community around her, and for future generations
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Want To Join Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble?

2015 5 loco bloco show (305) (Large)
Spring Open Rehearsals: Monday January 7 & 14, 2019
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Brava Theater: 2781 24th Street
*Open To Ages High School-24*
Drummers – Dancers – Musicians
Join Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble! Perform At Community Events Throughout The Bay Area & Be Featured In Loco Bloco’s Self-Produced Shows. All Levels & Experience Welcome –
Come Ready To Dance, Drum & Shine
for more info contact:

Through this program, youth learn to:

  • Collaborate & develop creative visions into music and dance pieces.
  • Collaborate with their peers.
  • Set goals & achieve them through time management and commitment
  • Comfortably speak and perform in public.
  • Experience a strong support system and build positive relationships.
  • Build confidence and explore and express who they are.
  • Use art as a form of education and tool to address personal struggles and social injustices.
  • Break down and overcome stereotypes

Performance Ensemble Requirements


1 year experience training & performing in your art form. Successful audition.


  • Attend and arrive on time to all rehearsals.
  • Read and adhere to Participant Agreements at all times.
  • In case you cannot make rehearsal or class, please notify Pedro or the instructor within 24 hrs by phone call.
  • Absence Policy – do not miss more than 2  rehearsals/shows per semester. (unless pre-arranged with musical director)


Participate in consistent, weekly training opportunities in your art form either through Loco Bloco’s Community Class or classes at school or other studios.


  • Be available as possible for every show.  Keep track of shows in your personal calendar.
  • Know your artistic responsibilities & practice outside of rehearsal time.
  • Read and adhere to Participant Agreements at all times (on your way to, during, and after shows)
  • Be punctual to call times and do not leave shows without signing out with a staff member.


Each Ensemble performer will contribute to Loco Bloco artistically by creating & teaching a piece of music and/or choreography to be performed at an LB event (Dia de Los Muertos, Dec Showcase, Gala, On the Hill, Carnaval).

 please contact if you are interested in joining or for more info