Performance Ensemble


2015 5 loco bloco show (305) (Large)
Rolling – Mondays 6:30pm – 8:00pm – Brava Theater: 2781 24th Street
*Open To Ages 13-24*
Drummers – Dancers – Musicians
Join Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble & Perform At Community Events Throughout The Bay Area & Be Featured In Loco Bloco’s Self-Produced Shows – All Levels & Experience Welcome – Come Ready To Dance, Drum & Shine contact

Under the Direction of Pedro Gomez, Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble is a intermediate-to-advanced performance program for high-school & transitional aged youth. The Performance Ensemble creates, rehearses and presents Afro-Latino music & dance as a tool to promote youth voice and community-building. Loco Bloco’s Performance Ensemble is invited to performance at festivals and community events throughout the Bay Area.

Through this program, youth learn to:

  • Collaborate & develop creative visions into music and dance pieces.
  • Collaborate with their peers.
  • Set goals & achieve them through time management and commitment
  • Comfortably speak and perform in public.
  • Experience a strong support system and build positive relationships.
  • Build confidence and explore and express who they are.
  • Use art as a form of education and tool to address personal struggles and social injustices.
  • Break down and overcome stereotypes

Performance Ensemble Requirements


1 year experience training & performing in your art form. Successful audition.


  • Attend and arrive on time to all rehearsals.
  • Read and adhere to Participant Agreements at all times.
  • In case you cannot make rehearsal or class, please notify Pedro or the instructor within 24 hrs by phone call.
  • Absence Policy – do not miss more than 2  rehearsals/shows per semester. (unless pre-arranged with musical director)


Participate in consistent, weekly training opportunities in your art form either through Loco Bloco’s Community Class or classes at school or other studios.


  • Be available as possible for every show.  Keep track of shows in your personal calendar.
  • Know your artistic responsibilities & practice outside of rehearsal time.
  • Read and adhere to Participant Agreements at all times (on your way to, during, and after shows)
  • Be punctual to call times and do not leave shows without signing out with a staff member.


Each Ensemble performer will contribute to Loco Bloco artistically by creating & teaching a piece of music and/or choreography to be performed at an LB event (Dia de Los Muertos, Dec Showcase, Gala, On the Hill, Carnaval).

Auditions are ongoing – please contact if you are interested in joining or for more info