Loco Bloco Bateria Class: Ages 13-24
All level percussion class offering a diverse knowledge of Afro-Latino rhythms (Brazilian, Cuban, Haitian, Hip Hop). Focusing on technique, theory & expression with a “Bloco” philosophy
MONDAYS 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Brava Theater Center: 2781 24th St SF
For More Information & To Register For Classes Contact:
Audrey Ingalls, Program Manager – (415) 864-5626×9

Program Description

Loco Bloco’s after-school, school day and community classes for youth ages 3-24 offer multicultural performing arts training with developmentally appropriate curriculum in dance, percussion, stilt walking, and theater arts rooted in Afro-Latino and Afro-Brazilian traditions. Arts instruction includes technique, history, skill building and performance. At the core of our curriculum are Loco Bloco’s Values: Artivism, Health, Inclusion, Grit, Youth Leadership, Family and Education.  Our instructors use performance arts to teach these values, supporting youth to overcome injustice; adopt healthy, active, lifestyles, serve as leaders in their communities, and embrace ethnic and cultural diversity.

Bring Loco Bloco to Your After-School or School Community Center

Loco Bloco’s residencies are designed to partner with after-school and school sites to provide  community-based arts education for youth during school and out-of-school time. Residencies typically run 2-9 months, once or twice a week. Classes are one to two hours long. For a brief, one-time class or educational event- Please click here for Workshop Descriptions.

For more information about bringing Loco Bloco to your after-school program or community center, please email Audrey Ingalls, Program Manager at & fill out a RESIDENCY REQUEST FORM – please click here.

Open Community Classes 

For Schedule – Click Here!

Loco Bloco provides open community classes in dance and music rooted in Afro-Latino traditions for youth ages 3-24 as well as participants’ family members.

Class Descriptions

BATERIA COMMUNITY CLASS (Ages 12-24 & Family Members of LB Participants)– Drum class with an emphasis on performance and community building.  The class explores music  rooted in Afro-Latino traditions.

POCO LOCO DANCE (Grades 1-5) – Students learn basic technique, dance terminology, spatial awareness, choreography and performance skills. The class focuses on Brazilian, African, and Hip Hop movements.

POCO LOCO DRUM (Grades 1-5) – Students learn African, Caribbean, Brazilian and contemporary Hip Hop rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments. They are also taught the history of the drums and musical styles.

STILT WALKING (*seasonal) (Ages 9-24) – This class focuses on basic stilt walking, balance, how to fall safely, dance and performance skills. Students graduate to taller stilts as they advance.

STILT PERFORMANCE  (*by invite only) – The Stilt Performance class is designed for intermediate level stilt-walkers (are able to walk on stilts independently) who exhibit readiness to perform on stilts as individuals and as part of a performing ensemble. Dance choreography, Acrobatics and public showmanship are explored.

BLOQUITOS (*seasonal) (Ages 3-5) – This class teaches introductory dance, rhythm and performing skills through creative movement and physical play based in Afro-Latino artistic traditions – the first step into the world of Loco!

After-School and Community Sites in 2017-2018

Brava Theater Center

Downtown High School

Jamestown at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Jamestown at James Lick Middle School

Jamestown at Buena Vista Horace Mann

Jamestown at Longfellow Elementary

Leonard Flynn Elementary School



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