Loco Bloco Bateria Class: Ages 13-24
All level percussion class offering a diverse knowledge of Afro-Latino rhythms (Brazilian, Cuban, Haitian, Hip Hop). Focusing on technique, theory & expression with a “Bloco” philosophy
MONDAYS 5:00pm – 6:30pm starts August 28, 2017
Brava Theater Center: 2781 24th St SF
For More Information & To Register For Classes Contact:
Audrey Ingalls, Program Manager – (415) 864-5626×9

Program Description

Loco Bloco’s after-school, school day and community classes for youth ages 3-24 offer multicultural performing arts training with developmentally appropriate curriculum in dance, percussion, stilt walking, and theater arts rooted in Afro-Latino and Afro-Brazilian traditions. Arts instruction includes technique, history, skill building and performance. At the core of our curriculum are Loco Bloco’s Values: Artivism, Health, Inclusion, Grit, Youth Leadership, Family and Education.  Our instructors use performance arts to teach these values, supporting youth to overcome injustice; adopt healthy, active, lifestyles, serve as leaders in their communities, and embrace ethnic and cultural diversity.

Bring Loco Bloco to Your After-School or School Community Center

Loco Bloco’s residencies are designed to partner with after-school and school sites to provide  community-based arts education for youth during school and out-of-school time. Residencies typically run 2-9 months, once or twice a week. Classes are one to two hours long. For a brief, one-time class or educational event- Please click here for Workshop Descriptions.

For more information about bringing Loco Bloco to your after-school program or community center, please email Audrey Ingalls, Program Manager at & fill out a RESIDENCY REQUEST FORM – please click here.

Open Community Classes 

For Schedule – Click Here!

Loco Bloco provides open community classes in dance and music rooted in Afro-Latino traditions for youth ages 3-24 as well as participants’ family members.

Class Descriptions

BATERIA COMMUNITY CLASS (Ages 12-24 & Family Members of LB Participants)– Drum class with an emphasis on performance and community building.  The class explores music  rooted in Afro-Latino traditions.

POCO LOCO DANCE (Grades 1-5) – Students learn basic technique, dance terminology, spatial awareness, choreography and performance skills. The class focuses on Brazilian, African, and Hip Hop movements.

POCO LOCO DRUM (Grades 1-5) – Students learn African, Caribbean, Brazilian and contemporary Hip Hop rhythms on a variety of percussion instruments. They are also taught the history of the drums and musical styles.

STILT WALKING (Grades 1-5) – This class focuses on basic stilt walking, balance, how to fall safely, dance and performance skills. Students graduate to taller stilts as they advance.

STILT PERFORMANCE  – The Stilt Performance class is designed for intermediate level stilt-walkers (are able to walk on stilts independently) who exhibit readiness to perform on stilts as individuals and as part of a performing ensemble. Dance choreography, Acrobatics and public showmanship are explored – by invite only

BLOQUITOS (*seasonal) (Ages 2-5) – This class teaches introductory dance, rhythm and performing skills through creative movement and physical play based in Afro-Latino artistic traditions – the first step into the world of Loco!

After-School and Community Sites in 2017-2018

Brava Theater Center

Downtown High School

Jamestown at Cesar Chavez Elementary School

Jamestown at James Lick Middle School

Jamestown at Buena Vista Horace Mann

Jamestown at Longfellow Elementary



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