Loco Bloco Carnaval 2017: The Mission Get Down

Check Out Photos From This Year’s Carnaval Get Down!

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Loco Bloco At Carnaval

Loco Bloco’s annual Carnaval contingent brings together over 300 community members of all ages to present spectacular new music and dance compositions and stunning visuals at the Carnaval San Francisco parade and festival. Our Carnaval program begins in January and runs until the parade which occurs on the last Sunday of May. Adult family members of youth and children enrolled in this program are welcome to register for classes and join in the fun. We have classes for the following art forms:

Bloquitos (3-5 years old)

Poco Dance (1st-5th grade)

Poco Drum (1st-5th grade)

Stilting (3rd-8th grade)

Dance (6th grade – 24 years old)

Bateria (6th grade – 24 years old)

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